What type of pictures to send to modeling agencies

what type of pictures to send to modeling agencies

How to Submit Photos to a Major Modeling Agency

Dec 07,  · Avoid sending pictures in which you are with your friends drinking at the bar, sitting at the dinner table or partying; leave those types of photos for you and your friends. As the modeling agents. Usually, agencies will need at least one face and one body shot, and might have other specific requirements too. Get a reliable friend or family member you know to take the photos for you. Submit clear, simple and well-taken photos, and you will surely have gotten your hands on the ticket into modeling! Source by Rachel Evan.

Posted by jill on Jan 15, in Modeling 10 comments. Agents want to see what you really look like. Generally they will request photos with a clean face, i. Cheat a little if you have a major blemish and want to cover it, but make sure you appear to have no makeup on!

If you are shooting outdoors often the best lightaim for a sunny day at dawn or at agencirs. If you are shooting indoors, play around with turning lights on and off in a room, posing aagencies from a window, aiming a lamp toward you face to wash out dark circles.

Take some trial shots in various locales and find where you look best, then use that spot to shoot all of your photos.

A bush or attractive fence, if you are outside, will do just fine. Inside, try to find a plain wall. Most likely they will want:. Read up on Showing Your Best Side! Risque does what type of pictures to send to modeling agencies work, unless you are looking for a sleazy whqt. Not all agents have the eye tyle recognize potential what should eat for dinner the handiwork of a professional team photographer, makeup artist, hairdresser, and stylist working their magic.

Keep reading my blog to find out more. Good luck! My daughter ms a beauty! How do I submit photos of her? E mail me at Onalaya lama tours dhow cruise dubai. Than you!!! Please get in touch with me at my e agnecies address! Thank you for your time!! Hi Brenda, I just learned that I lost a bunch of submissions in cyberspace!

Please submit how to open the back of a sony ericsson phone here: modelsearch modelingmentor. You should enter my model search! Have you entered my model search? Your email address will not be published. Designed by Elegant Themes Powered by Wordpress. Follow Jill:. Model of the Month Taylor Rae, au natural mostly. Neelima lal. Mar Jun Brenda Chambers. Feb Oct Please picfures in touch with me about my daughter.

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Oct 31,  · How many pictures should you send to a modeling agency? Headshot Face – left profile Face – right profile Smiling shot Mid-length shot Full body shot Polaroids. Modeling Agencies represents all different types of professional models at almost every age, size, and ethnicity. You can submit photos to them by email, attend an open casting call, or enter through Model Search. Professional photos are not necessary — in fact, color snapshots, smartphone photos .

If you are starting your career as a model in India, you may want to be associated with a modeling agency. As a beginner, the process of finding the right agency and sharing your images with them is quite cumbersome.

Agencies have different submission process, and you may not know all the tricks that best represent your work. The most common and accessible way to share your images with an agency is via online submission. That said, there are four ways you can submit photos to a modeling agency in India. You may already know that most applications get no response except an auto acknowledgement email. In most cases, this is not because of lack of potential as a talent.

I have spoken to a few modeling agencies and casting directors to understand some of the common mistakes in profile submission and few tips to make sure your application gets reviewed for selection.

Firstly, You need to do some groundwork before submitting your photos to modeling agencies. It is essential to have a vision towards the kind of work you want to do, and it should match your personality. Based on that, look for agencies the represent the type of model you would like to be. If you are starting as a model in India, I have written an in-depth guide on how can one become a freelance model in India.

Do read this article for a better understanding and this will be very useful if you have no prior modeling experience. When you are starting out, you have two options to create your portfolio. Most agencies ask for polaroids. These are images shot in the most natural environment wearing no makeup. If you share a professionally shot portfolio without polaroids, most likely it will be rejected. Follow these basic guidelines to shoot your polaroid. Whether you choose to shoot your own images or work with a professional photographer, read my ultimate guide on how to make a modeling portfolio.

You can also schedule a call with me for a free consultation on creating your portfolio. Visit my work here and find my contact details on my contact page. You must have your images ready for submission by now. If you clumsily send the pictures, the agency will not likely to consider you as a serious candidate. Follow these steps to avoid the most common mistakes while sharing your photos with a modeling agency. Create a list of modeling agencies you want to approach: Do basic research to check the profile of different modeling agencies and analyse the talents they represent.

You will find few agencies prefer international models over Indian faces, or only work with experienced models, or represent more actors than models. Additionally, you should focus on location. For instance, some agencies are stronger in Mumbai than Delhi or vice versa. Shortlist agencies that fit your requirement. Check submission process: Most agencies will have instructions on how to apply as a new model.

You will find the information on their website. Check out the submission page of Inega and Toabh , leading modeling agencies in India. You would realize that one prefers email submission and other accepts website upload. Be mindful of the submission process and always follow their instructions.

Do not send the same email to all agencies without checking their individual requirements. Additional information: When sharing your photos with an agency, it is essential to share additional information about yourself in a concise manner.

If you are sending an email, attach a brief profile with the following information:. Check the size of your photos: Most modeling agencies receive tons of portfolio images via mail, and no one likes to go through heavy email attachments. If you share too many images as a heavy email attachment, your mail will likely to be deleted before opening.

Try to keep your file size between kb to max 1MB per image. Overall email size should be under 3MB as a best practice. Be professional and diligent: This may sound like a generic point, but it is quite important while interacting with a modeling agency. You need to come across as a serious candidate. Proofread your mail and check for any grammatical errors. Being a model is not just about looking your best. Agencies expect you to be articulate in your communication.

As a model, you will have to interact with a lot of people, and they will form an opinion depending on your behaviour. Therefore, pay attention to these details from the beginning stage of your career. If you have done your research, you must have realised that most agencies specify the number of images they expect in a portfolio submission.

If not mentioned by the agency, there is no specific number for this process. That said, if you are sharing your portfolio via email, restrict to 4 to 10 images. To make things easier, I am listing down the most common images modeling agencies look out for. Depending on where you stay in India, there are different agencies you can approach.

Since I am more familiar with modeling agencies in Mumbai, I would recommend the following agencies for portfolio submission:. Inega: Inega is one of the most established modeling agencies in India. Established in , Inega represents some of the top local and international models in India.

The agency has also produced a wide range of advertising work for television and still. You can submit your portfolio to Inega by sending an email to [email protected]. Please read their submission guidelines here. Anima Creative Management: Anima is a known name in the talent management space. They have been in the business for long and known for representing some of the best Indian and international models for fashion, film and advertising industry.

You can submit your portfolio to Anima Creative by sending an email to [email protected]. Toabh: Toabh is a Mumbai based modeling agency that should be on your radar. They represent a diverse range of models. Some of them are quite well-known faces. Toabh accepts website upload for model portfolio submission.

You can visit their website here and follow the instructions. Feat artists: Feat artists is a more contemporary talent agency started in They bring a fresh approach to talent management in India and represent diversity like no one else.

Models from all genders, ethnicities, age, body types and are welcome. In my opinion, they represent the most diverse models in India with distinct features. They accept website submission. You can submit your portfolio here. There are many more modeling agencies that you can approach. If you come across any agency that I should include in the list, please let me know in the comments below. Remember, modeling agencies get tons of applications daily, and they will only handpick a few for further selection.

Pay attention to every detail in the process and make sure you come across as a professional. I hope you found the article useful. Feel free to share this with someone who may need this information. Do you have any questions? See you in the comments section.

I am a fashion and portrait photographer from Mumbai. A tenth standard dropout boy, 16 years of age, with photogenic face, residing in slum colony of Santacruz wishes to be a model for print media. The Boy is the son of my domestic help. This is great. It is best to shoot images from a smartphone and share them with a few agencies asking for work. I am 31 yr old IT professional from Kerala. My dream was to do modeling but unfortunately I became an IT professional : Still I would like to pursue modeling.

So what will be your suggestions for me in this. Could you please help me. I read the full article but I am confused on the age category and how the agencies choose us. It is never too late to try out. Start small. Considering you have an IT job, pursue modelling as a hobby. Get more comfortable in front of a camera and decide the kind of work you want to pursue.

All the best for your modelling endeavours. Hi Reeta, I hope you read some of the other posts from my blog and pursue modelling as a hobby or career. All the best. Thanks for writing in.

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