What to wear in florence in july

what to wear in florence in july

What to Wear in Italy – 5 Tips to Look Stylish in Florence

2 days ago · What To Wear In Italy in July? May and June are the two highest months of hotel prices in Rome and Florence. Although the weather is slightly sweltering in August, hotels in Rome and Florence often drop sharply. From late October to Easter, many attractions shorten their hours of operation, some hotels may close for renovations, decorations. Jul 05,  · Since July witnesses a lot of cultural events like operas and theater, you will need proper dresses for such events. So, pack floor-length gowns or elegant dresses that make you look equally charming at such events.

I will be traveling to Italy with my daughters high school orchestra who are performing in the Florence Youth Festival. We have heard mixed things about what to wear and not to wear. Can someone please give us an appropriate suggestions of what to wear in Florence and Rome.

I do know we need to be covered for churches etc. Any advise will be appreciated! We will be there June July 9th. Lots of walking in Italy and you want the most comfortable shoes money can buy. First I'll tell you what NOT to wear shorts, white sneakers, baseball caps and similar.

It will target you for pickpockets, especially in the big tourist areas. Capris are OK almost anywhere, especially in hot weather. Nice sandals are fine. Find a pair with good support because you will walk on cobblestones in some places. I like to take a lightweight maxi skirt, which gives me coverage with a little ventilation. With a casual tee, it's fine for churches and anywhere else you go. At night for dinner, pair it with a sexy top.

Italians, even when casual, look mostly pulled together. Simple clothing in neutrals, accessorized with scarves, belts, and simple jewelry is the norm. Nice jeans are fine, and so are dresses or skirts hitting the op of the knee, even for the Vatican.

Italians only wear shorts at beach resorts and similar. Have a wonderful time! Check out the thread on the Rome forum about what to wear. Where whatever you like, keep in mind to be respectful when entering churches shoulders and knees need to be covered. The fashion police will not be out to target tourists. As hard as a non-Italian may try to dress like an Italian, you will never be mistaken for one. We just returned, and I had your same question while packing.

Here was my experience: I had read "no bare shoulders or shorts at Vatican", yet saw some girls with extremely short shorts on with spaghetti strap tops with their bras showing!

My teen boys wore jeans, and I wore a skirt that covered my knees. It was hot, but I would stick to the rules. We went in many other different churches, and again, even though we sometimes saw signs stating the clothing rules, people were going in and out in anything.

I would not recommend this, but this is what we saw. Aside from churches, just clothing in general, we did see more women in pants, skirts, casual dresses than we did in shorts. Usually if we saw shorts, it was on teen girls who looked American.

I felt they dressed more modestly then we do, but they looked very pretty. I saw lots of men in shorts everywhere.

We did a tour of the What is a normal fsh level and our local, 20 something, male tour what to wear in florence in july had on shorts. Same for the one in Florence. I second the comfortable what brings luck in the new year - extremely important.

I brought sun dresses sleeveless and little skirts with tee shirts and tops. My skirts were above the knee. Have fun! It does seem to be primarily north American girls in ultra-skimpy shorts everywhere this summer, and although how to calculate return on asset half-naked look is great for the beach and seaside, I'm not sure it works in the cities in Italy.

But how do you persuade them otherwise? No one's going to care that your sneakers are white. Wear comfortable sneakers with good support. I wore comfy pants and plain tees what does poison ivy look like in the winter over Italy and no one cared. They're going to know you're a tourist because I will say I was in Milan and visited the Duomo in and the guards were very very firm about the shoulders and knees covered rule- there were women standing there arguing with them and they would not budge even though one woman was arguing in what sounded like fluent Italian.

I go in the winter when heat is not an issue. I wear short sleeve solid color tee shirts, jeans, and black athletic shoes. I kind feel like these comments are biased in that you have no idea of the nationality of those tourist girls. I don't feel that it is only North American girls that short this look. Television has promoted these naked styles and they are imitated by girls all over the globe, often shopping with daughter can be tiresome because even when searching for suitable work clothes where they want to be covered upmuch of the clothing is just too revealing.

Personally, I love it when the clothing posts pop up! Would white skirts be considered inappropriate in Mid September in Rome? Lightweight shorter white skirt I know I know What about in Positano? In the midwest, I wouldn't wear white anymore generally in September. Didn't know if it is considered faux paus in Italy that month. And I know I can wear whatever i want I found this skirt at Athleta and love it, it came in yesterday.

It covers the knees although it looks like it doesn't in the picture. It is not a full maxi skirt, so will be cooler and you can wear it into churches. The material is very nice and it hangs quite nicely. I'm pear-shaped and always cautious of how knits look on my hips.

I know TMI. The waist runs a bit bigger, so it needs to be pulled down just a tad, but nowhere near where the model is wearing it. Just right under belly button, not 3".

It can be dressed up for the evenings or down during the day. It's nothing to do with being biased. Skip to main content. Sign in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Browse all 31, Florence topics ». What to wear in Florence. Watch this Topic. Browse forums All Browse by destination. Florence forums. All forums. Level Contributor. Report inappropriate content. Related: What are the most popular tours in Florence?

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Oct 10,  · Black, navy, white, grey, beige and blush work well almost all of the time. With these neutrals you can create many different looks. For instance, when wondering what to wear in Italy for brunch, put together skinny black pants, a white shirt and a black blazer. Sunglasses. Italians have a love affair with sunglasses and in summer they are more than just a fashion statement. The sun in Italy is strong in summer and you need good quality sunglasses to protect your eyes pretty much no matter where you are, may it be a city, the sea or the mountains. Sep 07,  · If you plan to travel to Florence in winter then preparing what to wear in Florence in December, January or February is just as important as planning your itinerary. Located in the Tuscan region of Italy, Florence is an amazing city among many of Italy's must-visit educationcupcake.usce has a little bit of everything, and if you're a fan of Italy's Renaissance spirit, Florence is the best place for you.

Planning your trip and wondering what to wear in Italy in summer? Whenever I travel, I like to find out a little bit about what the weather is going to be like, what the locals are wearing during that time of year, and also what is practical for someone who is going to be doing a lot of touring around. I feel like I grew up being taught that Europeans were fancy and classy, that no one wears sneakers or jeans. When I studied abroad in college, I went to Switzerland and I packed like I was going to be spending an entire semester going to fancy dinners or night clubs.

I hope that is what this post helps you figure out. In most parts of the country, July and August are hot, humid, sticky, sweaty, sunny, and did I mention hot? You can expect highs of 87 degrees Fahrenheit in July and August about 31 degrees Celcius with temperatures dropping to the low 70s in the evenings mid-twenties Celcius.

It rains very rarely in the summer in Italy. June has an average of 2 days of precipitation and August has 3. You can leave your waterproof shoes and rain jackets at home. Not in a terrible way, just in an unexpected way that may mess up some of your plans.

Especially if you want to eat at all of the best restaurants in Bologna. Some close for the week of that holiday and the week after. The really good restaurants close for the whole month of August. My number one tip for traveling to Italy in Summer is linen. I saw so many Italian women in long, flowy linen dresses and men in linen shirts and even linen trousers. I wish I had planned ahead and purchased a few linen pieces to take with me to Italy.

Of course, you can always do some shopping once you get there, but if you prefer to be fashion-ready as soon as you land, my favorite places for linen dresses, pants, and shirts are JCrew , Ann Taylor , Anthropologie , and Nordstrom.

Frolicking in a dress in Fiesole near Florence — a great way to cool down. It is incredibly humid and I felt so much cooler on the days that I opted for a dress over a pair of shorts and a tank top. With lightweight fabrics like thin cotton, breathable model, or linen, a long dress with a spaghetti strap or t-shirt sleeve will keep you cooler than a pair of jean shorts and a polyester blouse.

Dresses are also a great option for going from day to night without having to go back to your hotel room. My favorite lightweight travel dress in Florence. Leave your jean shorts at home. This is coming from a woman who loves her jean shorts. I had a pair that was somewhat fitted and one that was loose, and both made me sweat so much. You guys, I was leaving sweat marks shaped like my butt on seats around Italy. Just know that I recommended that you pack lighter weight shorts for your trip to Italy.

Just be careful with your color choices. This shirt was a lightweight cotton eyelet which kept me nice and cool even after climbing up steps to this view in Bologna! Italy loves a little cobblestone. Getting lost down the side streets is the best part about exploring Italy! I am definitely a style over comfort kind of gal, so after ruining my feet all over the world, I went on a serious search for a pair of shoes that I could walk in all day that still looked cute with my dresses.

I came up with a few pairs of shoes that have stood the test of time, that have taken me from mountains to Michelin Star restaurants granted it was a Michelin Star restaurant that was also a takeout restaurant in Taipei. These are my top picks:. Rainbow Sandals. I have written an entire article about why they are the ultimate travel shoe. I love them and I am wearing them right now as I type this. It took me a long time to come around to the Converse family.

I have walked for hours in these shoes. I seriously think they are some of the best style-meets-comfort shoes out there. This is totally your preference. I like to bring one of my favorite purses, because why not? Luke pretty much wears the same thing no matter where we go, but his summer clothes were perfect for sipping wine in Bologna! Men in Italy are stylish. I mean women are too, but men just have this sense of style that I have yet to see in any other country.

Perhaps its the way they carry themselves. Luke wore lightweight cotton shorts and light colored t-shirts pretty much every day of our recent summer trip to Italy. On the odd occasion that he wore a dark colored shirt, he immediately regretted his decision.

The sun was so hot that anything too dark just made him feel too hot. He stuck to comfortable Adidas sneakers like these that looked good by day with shorts and by night with chinos also lightweight and cotton. He also always carried around a hat and sunglasses and used them whenever we were out in the sun for more than a few minutes at a time. Seriously — the sun is ferocious in Italy in the summertime.

I prefer options like this Neutrogena one or Badger sunscreen which you can order off of Amazon and is great for beach and water activities. Laura is a perpetual country hopper. She's the girl whose feet are always itching for the next adventure, but wondering if she'll ever find a place that feels like home. Your email address will not be published. Sharing is caring! JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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