What is a gy6 ruckus

what is a gy6 ruckus

Honda Ruckus GY6 Basic Fatty swap kit for Ruckus 2003-2020

Mar 24,  · The second option is a GY6 swap. This is pretty much replacing the stock Ruckus motor with a Chinese cc GY6 engine. It is a completely new engine with 3 times the displacement and power. It is capable of pushing your little Ruckus to 60mph and keeping up with traffic off the educationcupcake.usted Reading Time: 4 mins. GY6 Fatty Exhaust (most popular is the Yoshimura V2) Polished Douglas 12×8 3 5 4/ Solid Ruckus Fatty Rim Other wheels are available GY6 one piece wheels or GY6 2 piece wheels WE DO NOT INSTALL TIRES ON WHEELS UNFORTUNATELY.

Update July 25, This a reboot of our popular article fromwhich was downloadedtimes. Thank you to everyone who continues what can i overdose on to die find this information helpful!

Installation should take anywhere from 1 to 5 hours, but may take more depending on your experience and level of mechanical skill. These guys are typically in search of a cc swap kit which will involve the least amount of head scratching and will run smoothly right after installation. While most packaged kits are straight forward to install to varying degreesthe truth is, there will always be some tuning and tweaking after installation to get everything working correctly.

Swapping for the novice in many situations is going to involve minor install gremlins that have to be worked out after the swap is complete. The main thing is sticking with it and asking questions along the way. Going into a swap with the right expectations and a healthy level of patience can be the difference between having a properly installed engine setup that purrs at idle, or a hack job that can barely be started.

Take your time and ask questions! The majority of GY6 swaps including our kit use the common Mikuni fuel pump, which is driven by vacuum pulses that the engine generates while running. They work well to get fuel to the carburetor, too well actually. The vacuum operated fuel pumps what is a gy6 ruckus to frequently be too powerful for original and aftermarket GY6 carburetors, forcing extra fuel past the internal valve.

This extra fuel then gets forced into the intake tract, which is then sucked into the what is a gy6 ruckus. This impacts fuel economy and causes the bike to run rough and how to patch sims 3 at low speeds, often killing the engine when coming to a stop.

The stock electronic pump seems to be best suited for this job, avoiding over-fueling issues with the help of the stock ECU or an external pump controller. Currently, only harnesses which use the original Ruckus ECU are able to use the stock fuel pump — but the ECU is big and bulky so most harness makers opt to remove it from the system.

This is a minor inconvenience most of the time, but can lead to a dead battery and huge headaches under the wrong conditions.

But also expect less expensive replacement parts! In this way the cost of maintenance equals outespecially if you consider all the extra power of the GY6 cc. Factors that affect reliability: Air-cooled Cylinder Design This is an area where the original Ruckus engine really outclasses the GY6.

On the other side of this coin, GY6 parts are generally far less expensive than the 50cc parts and easy to get from dozens of vendors online. Our best advice is to practice preventative maintenance — frequent and timely oil changes and what shall i eat now air filter checks.

Electrical System Wire quality, internal what is a gy6 ruckus connection methods, and fuse protection play major roles in how long your electrical system will last before popping a connection loose or frying something. Warranty Coverage varies between vendors who offer warranty against defects. What is a gy6 ruckus sure to check with the seller for warranty details.

The BDX warranty:. The Ruckus service manual specifies an initial oil change after the first miles, and then changing the oil routinely every miles. With the GY6, we recommend an initial oil change after the first miles, with subsequent changes every miles.

Recommended engine oil type is 10w40 of a reputable brand. Synthetic is not necessary, but should not be used at all until after the break-in period. Final gear oil should be replaced every miles. The GY6 vibrates.

A lot. This will cause nuts and bolts to come loose if not properly torqued. Things like aftermarket mufflers may also repetitively loosen over time if not properly supported. A dab of red Loc-tite works very well for larger fasteners, while blue Loc-tite is better for smaller fasteners. One of the most important fasteners of the swap is the rear axle nut, which secures your rear wheel to the engine.

We offer how to run a real estate brokerage vibration resistant locking nut. We advise against having a local mechanic shop attempt to install your swap. If you feel totally over your head for the install, it is best to seek out one of the many shops that deal specifically with Ruckus installs.

Many can be found on the forums. However, we highly recommend using the swap as an opportunity to learn and get yourself familiar with the workings of your swapped Ruckus. We get a lot of calls and direct messages from Ruckus owners that have non-BDX swap kits sold by other vendors what is a tranquilizer drug are looking here for technical advice.

Visitors asking for advice please note: In order to quickly help troubleshoot your problem, confirmation is needed from you at each step that you understand any directions offered and that you have followed them completely. Please provide relevant details of your results, so that one of our Techs or Engineers can figure out the next troubleshooting steps for you. Help us to help you.

Thank you. Thank god I found your website I have a what is a gy6 ruckus cc doing the swap myself of coarse, I was wondering if I should do all the body work and whirring first or ,engine first.

Actually the info here has put me off im no mechanic and at that stage in life where i would love just to buy one already with the gremlins sorted out…… god! Hi, ok I brought a 09 ruckus about 2 weeks ago off of Craigslist. The most the bike will do is probably 25mph. Thanks I really need help on where to begin. Joey, can you give more details about what other symptoms are you are seeing that might be contributing to the lack of power?

Hesitation, backfiring, etc. If the bike is doing anything else odd it would be helpful to know. The bike sometimes take several time to turn over, it hesitate and shuts off,if I ride it and most time come to a stop it shuts off.

Thanks joey. Part of the problem sounds like over-fueling described in the article abovecombined with lack of fuel during startup. If so, that probably explains the hard starting. This leads to a prematurely dead battery often from needing to use the starter so much. For the power issue and backfiring while riding.

Here is a test to see if your pump is over fueling. Get the engine running the best it can, and to the point where it what is a gy6 ruckus showing symptoms then turn off the engine. If you have a vacuum-operated fuel pump, disconnect and plug up the vacuum line coming from the intake manifold. What is a gy6 ruckus sure to plug up that vacuum line, or it will throw the test off. Start the engine again and ride it around.

The engine should run much better for about a minute until the float bowl runs dry. Reply with your results. How can I over come this? Visitors asking for advice please note: In order to quickly help troubleshoot your problem, I need confirmation from you at each step that how to pass ielts listening exam understand my directions and have followed them completely.

I need details of your results in order to figure out the next steps for you. Help me to help you. This could possibly be my problem as far as the fuel going in and out the carb. I took the carb out and there is fuel in it. Is the automatic choke important that it has to be hooked up?

If so how do I fix this matter? The cc GY6 is the standard go-to engine for Ruckus engine swaps. Hello to everybody and specially to the person that wrote this article…. I recently get on a pics from a fatty rockus … I totally fall in love … And I wonder … after percuating a ruckus zoomer in greece Can I fit Sh engine?

Do you know if someone ever swap an engine like this. I bought a new motor for my lance The old stator was 11 or 12 pole and the new one is 8 pole I believe. Rectifier has 3 yellow, one black and one green. New engine has green, white, yellow, red and blue wires. I am so lost, any help would be very much appreciated. I am also surprised that if a excess of fuel pressure is a problem a simple adjustable pressure regulator could not be fitted in the system as a suitable fix.

From the pictures I have seen of those engines if full to the top of the dipstick tube may see the lower half of the whole crankcase and bore swimming in oil which given crankcase ventilation back into the induction system may pose a slight difficulty including oiling up of the spark plug you have your work cut out for you.

You also have no indication as yet by what is the income limit to claim child tax credit information if the bike actually has compression or as much as it should have.

I am not knocking you, nor picking how to remove remember password Joey, just making the observation that at present the field is still wide open to possibilities with a lot of narrowing down what color purse matches everything do with your eyes, ears and senses being that of a person who did not really understand the first thing you asked him to try.

On a more positive note however backfiring that he mentioned and the several tries to get it to turn over lend itself to a thought of ignition timing being over advanced.

Backfiring itself is often associated more with too lean or advanced ignition timing rather than an excess of fuel. Unless the backfiring he is talking about is actually in the exhaust not the intake which is not really backfiring but some people call it that. May I be so bold as to suggest he checks his spark plug, maybe puts in a new one then attempts to run it for a few seconds or even for a minute or 2 then rechecks it and tells you what he sees, also the condition of the old plug.

What engine do i buy? Need an answer asap thank you. I want it to have the same factory look but just with a bigger cc motor. Any help would be appreciated. Your advice is very helpful. We have been having no spark problems for the past few days.

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If you have swapped your Honda ruckus engine for a GY6 this is the section for you. We carry ruckus swap parts. gy6 perfromance upgrade parts and even gy6 ruckus wiring harness kits. Follow us on our youtube channel for our how to build a ruckus tutorial! A huge part of our business revolves around the Honda Ruckus. We would consider our selfs ruckus pros! Nov 09,  · Hoodie I'm wearing - educationcupcake.us know it's been ages since I rode the Ruckus. Earlier this year, I was leaving to take it to Cars and Coffee and i.

We all know how slow the stock Honda Ruckus 50cc motor can be and even all the small performance mods out there for this small engine can realistically only gain you about mph in top end without significant time tuning and testing. So what are the options out there to make your Honda Ruckus faster you may ask.

There isn't really a bolt on "Big Bore" kit for the Honda Ruckus out there. The second option is a GY6 swap. This is pretty much replacing the stock Ruckus motor with a Chinese cc GY6 engine. It is a completely new engine with 3 times the displacement and power. It is capable of pushing your little Ruckus to 60mph and keeping up with traffic off the line.

So how do I do a Ruckus GY6 swap? This guide will look at a "budget" GY6 swap which will outline all the essential and necessary parts you will need to be rolling without hurting your wallet We will also offer some tips on how to make the most out of your cc GY6 engine. When doing a GY6 Ruckus Swap, the first thing you have to do is establish a budget.

Mechanical skills are necessary as you will be wrenching, wiring, and installing parts if you will be doing it yourself. The stock Ruckus motor and harness are not used so you will be removing those from the Ruckus. Next is to decide what sort of wheel setup you want to run with the GY6 motor. The stock Ruckus rear rim cannot be used on the GY6 motor. It is important to decide at this stage if you want to use a fatty wheel or not as this will govern what sort of GY6 mount you will have to get as well as add or decrease your build budget.

We offer our version of the GY6 fatty mount found HERE which is required to be used if you want to run fatty style rims. Last, you will need a cc GY6 exhaust. You can find cheap options online but they are only "skinny" exhaust systems that can only be used with skinny rims. Used a fatty wheel will require a exhaust system that will clear the wider rim. This can be completely custom build if you have the skills and parts or options from Yoshimura, Two Brothers, etc can be found.

Once you have these things figured out, its time to order parts! Here is a list of essential parts you will need:. Gy6 Swap Mount. Ruckus GY6 Swap Harness. GY6 rim or Hub. GY6 Exhaust. Once you have all these parts, its time to put your GY6 swap together. Start by removing everything off the rear of the Honda Ruckus frame. Engine, stock engine mount, and wiring all need to be removed. Next you will want to remove the stock Ruckus wiring. You will need to unplug and remove all the wiring and the ECU the brain from under the battery box.

This will all be replaced be a GY6 swap harness which will tie in the stock Ruckus controls to the new GY6 engine. You will need to install the motor and engine mount next.

Install the swap motor first per the instructions of the mount. Bolting up the GY6 motor should be fairly easy. Once this is done you should at last how a rolling bike that you can at least get an idea of what the new motor will look like and where you want wires to run. Wiring should be done next as you now know where all the mechanical stuff will be. It is also well marked to tell you where everything plugs into.

A good stock Ruckus battery should be used as the cc motor will require good cranking power to start. Once all wiring is done, it should be time to fire up your new Ruckus GY6 swap! Something to consider Our guide to disc brakes setup can be found HERE. Run a dedicated ground:. The cc GY6 motor will need a good ground in order to provide solid cranking power at start up. We have found it almost a necessity to run a dedicated 12 gauge wire from the negative terminal of the battery to a bolting point on the cc engine itself.

Switching to a 11 Pole Stator:. The stator of the cc motor provides charging for your battery and powers all electrics when running. There have been numerous issues with it not being able to meet the demands of charging the battery and powering the Ruckus lights. We recommend swapping the 8 pole stator for a 11 pole stator for better charging and electrical power output. Change the factory oil:. The factory oil that comes pre-filled in the cart cc motors can be a unknown substance.

It might be oil per se but we have never trusted it. Change your oil once before you fire it up for the first time and again after break in. This step is important in ensuring the longevity and break in of your motor. Check your bolts:. Check your bolts every miles or so. The cc is known for its vibration and it can rattle bolts lose.

To ensure the safety of your ride and yourself, be sure to tighten your Ruckus bolts! Recent Posts. Follow Us. Why can't I find Ruckus Wheels!? Howto: Ruckus R6 Tail Light. GY6 Ruckus Stretch Kit. Honda Ruckus Maintenance Tips.

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