What does the word modalities mean

what does the word modalities mean

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Definition of modality. 1 a: the quality or state of being modal. b: a modal quality or attribute: form. 2: the classification of logical propositions (see proposition sense 1) according to their asserting or denying the possibility, impossibility, contingency, or necessity of their content. Modalities. The factors and circumstances that cause a patient's symptoms to improve or worsen, including weather, time of day, effects of food, and similar factors. Mentioned in: Homeopathic Medicine, Acute Prescribing, Homeopathic Medicine, Constitutional Prescribing. Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine. Copyright The Gale Group, Inc.

Related to modalities: Therapeutic modalities. The fact, state, or quality of being modal. A tendency to conform to a general pattern or belong to a particular group how to start a roller rink business category. Logic The classification of propositions on the basis of whether they assert or what does the word modalities mean the possibility, impossibility, contingency, or necessity of their content.

Also called mode. Medicine A therapeutic method or agent, such as surgery, chemotherapy, or electrotherapy, that involves the qhat treatment of a disorder. Physiology Any of the doew types of sensation, such as vision or hearing.

All rights reserved. Logic logic the property of a statement of being classified under one of the concepts studied by modal logic, esp necessity or possibility. Copyright, by Random House, Owrd. Switch to new thesaurus. Based on WordNet 3. Mentioned jodalities References in periodicals archive? Tadic and Van Ruymbeke, a former French investigative judge specializing in complex high-level financial crime and corruption cases and an expert in the EU4JUSTICE project, discussed the modalities for exchange of the best practices during the two-year project.

ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan on Tuesday reaffirmed its commitment to expeditious completion of Kartarpur Corridor as it accepted an Indian men for a what airport is in menorca bilateral meeting on the modalities for the functioning of visa-free passage in the second week of July.

Pakistan, India ready to resume Kartarpur talks on 14th. The top court has also directed modaliteis State Bank of Pakistan SBP to submit a detailed note containing step-by-step procedural modalities for placement of Fund. This is the first monoclonal antibody encoded by mRNA to be dosed in a human and the first development candidate from the company's systemic therapeutics modalities to start clinical testing. Islamabad -- Pakistan and Britain discussed have qord modalities of assets recovery and both sides have assured full cooperation in this regard.

Pakistan, UK discuss modalities of assets recovery. Wlrd CVVH segment is estimated to command the larger share of the global CRRT market due to the wide adoption of this modality among healthcare providers owing to its wide range of advantages such as removal of solutes in large quantities, easy fluid balance maintenance, and superior outcomes over other CRRT modalities.

Please be aware that whilst a health fund may what does the word modalities mean that they provide a rebate mdan specific modalitiesthis rebate may only be claimable if the client has the appropriate level of health cover with that fund and has not exceeded any limits on how much they are eligible to claim back over a certain period of time.

There are PPP modalities that include divestment of disposition of assets. Divestment of LGU property via unsolicited proposals. Dictionary browser? Full browser?


n. pl. mo·dal·i·ties 1. The fact, state, or quality of being modal. 2. modality. A modality is the way or mode in which something exists or is done. You might often see it used with reference to diagnostic modality, which is the way in which a disease or illness is diagnosed by a doctor. Modality shares its root with the word mode, meaning "the way in which something happens or is experienced." A sensory modality is a way of sensing, like vision or hearing. noun, plural mo·dal·i·ties. the quality or state of being modal. an attribute or circumstance that denotes mode or manner.

Take your pick! Words and phrases for choosing things. A variety of modalities of communication can be used to transmit health warnings to the public.

Examples of medical modalities include chemotherapy , radiotherapy , and drug therapy. Ways of achieving things. Medical treatment: general words. Grammar Modality: introduction. Modality: forms.

Modal verbs. Dare , need , ought to and used to semi-modal verbs. Modality: meanings and uses. Modal meaning. Modality: tense. Modal verbs in past, present and future time. Modality: other verbs. Verbs expressing possibility. Verbs expressing obligation. Modality: other modal words and expressions.

Other modal words. Other modal expressions. Modality: expressions with be. Modality: typical errors. Examples of modality. Participants took a break between the two conditions and then completed the other modality , starting again with six new training items.

From the Cambridge English Corpus. The distinction between the two modalities of writing and speech is known to foster two distinct styles of discourse. However, what ultimately is required here is a demonstration of localized damage correlated with modality -specific deficits.

In patients in whom the diagnosis is uncertain, physicians must, therefore, turn to other diagnostic modalities to inform the selection of appropriate treatments. We also varied the modality of presentation for exploratory methodological purposes. Again, testing was only in the visual modality.

Since we wanted to elicit maximal performance from the foreign learners, we focused on the written modality. Little attention was given to the precise modalities of this, however.

Management options for symptomatic symphyseal dysfunction are limited and current treatment modalities have never been adequately evaluated by way of a randomised trial.

Bilingual acquisition occurs in different sociocultural contexts, and it entails different language combinations and modalities signed and oral.

Figure 3 compares the relative amount of two different dimensions of modality out of all the modal expressions analysed for the expository texts. Again, separating the role of memory in perception and action by behavioral criteria requires manipulation of the stimulus modality. A definition of perception should be restricted to those aspects of sensory stimulation that are modality -specific.

For instance, guidelines appear to be most effective for disease states that are easy to characterize and have well-defined modalities of treatment with discrete endpoints. The court was the modality of artistic expression. See all examples of modality. These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

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