What county is texas city in

what county is texas city in

Texas City, TX

Texas City is a city in the U.S. state of Texas within the Houston–Sugar Land–Baytown metropolitan area and Galveston County. The city's population was 45, at the census. Located on the southwest shoreline of Galveston Bay, Texas City is a busy deepwater port on Texas' Gulf Coast. rows · In Texas, cities are either "general law" or "home rule" educationcupcake.us governed under .

According to the United States Census bureau its population was 41, in Erath County is the location of two of North America's largest renewable natural gas plants. The largest is at Huckabay counhy near Countt. The cty largest is located outside Ix at Rio Leche Id.

On November 4,Erath County voters elected to allow the sale of beer and wine in the ocunty for off-premises consumption. Caddo tribe Anadarko villages were scattered along Trinity and Brazos Cigy.

Bythese tribes moved to Oklahoma. Erath County falls into Comancheria and found itself raided by Comanches until their removal to Oklahoma after Erath County was formed from Bosque and Coryell counties in and named for George Bernard Erath, one of the original surveyors of the area. Stephen offered to donate land for a townsite which was named Stephenville after him and became the county seat. Jones traveled with his wife and children across the country coming from North Carolina.

He sat as board president as well. His bronze statue is in the University still. Jones had many children who went on to populate the county with names still enduring today. Barbee,White,Durham,and Brambeletts. Some of his Great Grandchildren still reside I. The community. He has a GGG Cointy daughter, Carolina, who lives on his land today in Edna Hill,Texas and is the 6th generation to continually live on his old homestead.

Her children do as well making them the 7th generation to do so. Other early settlers familes still endure there today. Dublin later became famous as the early boyhood home of the PGAU. Open and Masters golf champion Ben Hogan. Included in the group were brothers William F. Stephen, and a black family whose name and destiny seems to have been lost to history.

Cotton became the major crop between andwith the on crop being in The industry was helped in when the Texas Central Railroad reached Dublin, and in when the How to make homemade filter for aquarium Worth and Rio Grande railroad was completed through Stephenville.

This opened eastern markets for the county's cotton crops. Bysoil erosion and the boll weevil caused texad planning that led to dairy farms, fruit orchards, nurseries, peanuts, feed crops and poultry. The community of Thurber was created by the Johnson Coal Company. Fifty-two percent of the miners were of Italian ancestry, creating the "Italian Hill" community just outside Ciyy. In the s, the area began bituminous coal production for fuel in the cement industry.

Tarleton State University was founded in as Stephenville College but was renamed in after the local rancher John Tarleton rescued the institution from financial difficulties. Erath's original wooden courthouse burned to the ground, destroying county documents along with it.

A second stone courthouse was built in but eventually razed. The cornerstone for how to make sex feel better for her current courthouse was laid in The architects James Riely Gordon and D.

Coumty designed the present three-story showcase Victorian structure. The building's centralized foot tower has a bell tower and creates a chandeliered atrium from the first floor to the third. The interior is east Texas pine, with cast and wrought-iron stairways, and tessellated what county is texas city in marble floors. It was renovated in According to the U. Census Bureauthe county what county is texas city in a total area of 1, square miles 2, km 2of which 1, square miles 2, km 2 is land and 6.

At the census[23] there were 37, people, 14, households and 9, families residing in the county. The racial makeup of the county was There were 14, households, of which The average household size was 2. The median age was For every females there were Erath County is heavily Txeas.

The last Democrat to win the county was Jimmy Carter in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Earth, Texas. Parts of this article those related what does arch mean in geography Demographics need to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

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August 22, Retrieved April 26, May 24, Retrieved May 27, Decennial Census". Texas Almanac. Census website". Retrieved May 14, Atlas of US Presidential Elections. Retrieved Places adjacent to Erath County, Texas. Erath County, Texas. County seat : Stephenville. Dublin Stephenville. Texas portal United States portal.

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rows · Archer County: Archer City: Fannin County: Branch Tanner Archer, a Areas: square miles ( km²) (Rockwall) – . List of Texas counties plus cities towns. Northwest Corner. 1. Dallam - Dalhart, Texline. 2. Sherman - Stratford, Texhoma. 3. Hansford - Gruver, Morse, Spearman. Map of Texas Counties. Located in the south central region of the United States, Texas is the second largest state as well as the second most populous state in the entire country. Austin is the capital of Texas, although Houston is the largest city in the state and the fourth largest city in the United States, while San Antonio is the second.

Texas City is a city in Galveston County in the U. Located on the southwest shoreline of Galveston Bay , Texas City is a busy deepwater port on Texas' Gulf Coast , as well as a petroleum-refining and petrochemical-manufacturing center.

The population was 50, in , making it the third-largest city in Galveston County, behind League City and Galveston. The city is notable as the site of a major explosion in that demolished the port and much of the city. Three duck hunters in noted that a location along Galveston Bay, known locally as Shoal Point, had the potential to become a major port.

Shoal Point had existed since the s, when veterans of the Texas Revolution were awarded land for their services. The name was applied to the community when a post office opened in After they returned to Duluth, they formed the Myers Brothers syndicate, convinced other investors to put up money to buy 10, acres 4, hectares of Galveston Bay frontage, including Shoal Point.

They renamed the area Texas City. A post office opened in with Frank B. Davison appointed as the town's first postmaster, to serve about people who had moved there from Minnesota and Michigan.

TCIC also received permission from the federal government to dredge an eight-foot channel in the bay from Bolivar Roads at the east end of Galveston Island to serve Texas City. TCIC eventually dredged the channel to a foot depth and extended the length of the port to 1.

TCC acquired 3, city lots and provided water, gas, and electricity to the town. TCRTC operated the railroad. These companies were chartered on February 4, A grid of streets and avenues was laid out during the s, and houses and other structures began to appear. The Davison Home , where the first childbirth in the town took place, was constructed between and Permission was granted in the summer of to dredge the Texas City channel to a depth of 25 ft.

The disastrous Galveston Hurricane of interrupted the project, washing the dredge ashore. However, the Texas City port remained open after the storm passed. Even before the channel dredging was complete, the first ocean-going ship, SS Piqua , arrived at the port from Mexico on September 28, Texas City Refining Company was chartered in to build a refinery adjacent to the port facility.

For several years, it was the only Texas refinery capable of producing the byproducts wax and lubricating oil. This facility was later acquired and expanded by Texas oilman Sid Richardson.

Texas City incorporated in with a mayor and commission form of government. It held its first mayoral election on September 16, choosing William P. Tarpey as mayor. The 2nd Division of the United States Army deployed to Texas City in to guard the Gulf Coast from incursions during the Mexican Revolution, essentially encamping nearly half of the nation's land military personnel there, due to the perceived double threat that the Mexican Revolution might spill over across the border or that the neighboring country might become a German ally in the incipient World War.

The military deployment also included the 1st Aero Division, and the Wright brothers trained over a dozen soldiers as military pilots, essentially turning Texas City into the birthplace of what became the United States Air Force , as the city claims at its monument of the birthplace of the Air Force at Bay Street City Park.

An August hurricane completely demolished the encampment. Nine soldiers were killed. Military leaders promptly moved the camp to San Antonio.

Hugh B. Moore was named president of the company and began an ambitious program of expansions. He was credited with attracting a sugar refinery, a fig processing plant, a gasoline cracking plant, and a grain elevator.

Also, more warehouses and tank farms were built to support this growth. By , Texas City had an estimated population of 3, and was a thriving community with two refineries producing gasoline, the Texas City Sugar Refinery, two cotton compressing facilities, and even passenger bus service. The Great Depression and competition caused the sugar refinery to fail in Economic hard times afflicted the city for a few years until the oil business returned to expansion.

Republic Oil Refinery opened a gasoline refinery in By the end of the s, Texas City's population had grown to 5, Seatrain Lines constructed a terminal at the Texas City port during — This was a specialized company that owned ships designed to carry railroad cars from Texas City to New York City on a weekly schedule. Texas City is home to the Texas City Dike , a man-made breakwater built of tumbled granite blocks in the s, that was originally designed to protect the lower Houston Ship Channel from silting.

The dike, famous among locals as being "the world's longest man-made fishing pier ", extends roughly 5. Enemy submarines had almost completely stopped the shipment of petroleum products to friendly countries from the Middle East, South America, and Southeast Asia. Texas City refineries and chemical plants worked around the clock at full capacity to supply the war effort. Realizing that all of the world's tin smelters could no longer supply the US demand, Jesse H.

The government also funded construction of a petrochemical plant to make styrene monomer , a vital raw material for synthetic rubber.

Monsanto Chemical Company contracted to operate the facility, which became the nucleus of an even larger petrochemical complex after the war. By , the local population had reached 16, The postwar prosperity was interrupted on the morning of April 16, , when the French ship Grandcamp , containing ammonium nitrate fertilizer, exploded, initiating what is generally regarded as the worst industrial accident in United States history, the Texas City disaster.

The fertilizer manufactured in Nebraska and Iowa was already overheating when stored at the Texas City docks. The blast devastated the Monsanto plant and offices, which were immediately across the slip from the Grandcamp , blew away the warehouses, showered shrapnel from the ship in all directions, and ignited a second ship, the S. High Flyer , docked at an adjacent slip.

Keene , docked across the slip. Both ships also carried ammonium nitrate fertilizer and were ablaze. They, too, exploded. In all, the explosions killed and injured over 5, people. The explosions were so powerful and intense that many of the bodies of the emergency workers who responded to the initial explosion were never accounted for.

The steel-reinforced concrete grain elevator was pockmarked with shrapnel and the drive shaft of the Grandcamp was embedded in the headhouse.

The ship's anchor was hurled several miles away, where it was discovered embedded in the ground at the PanAmerican refinery. School children and townspeople who were attracted to the smoke also died, and entire blocks of homes near the port were destroyed.

People in Galveston 14 miles 23 km away were knocked to their knees. Surrounding chemical and oil tanks and refineries were ignited by the blast. At least 63 who died and were not able to be identified are memorialized in a cemetery in the north part of town. The Texas City disaster is widely regarded as the foundation of disaster planning for the United States. Monsanto and other plants committed to rebuilding, and the city ultimately recovered quite well from the accident.

Numerous petrochemical refineries are still located in the same port area of Texas City. The city has often referred to itself as "the town that would not die," a moniker whose accuracy would be tested once again in the days surrounding Hurricane Ike 's assault on the region early on September 13, On October 30, , a crane at the Marathon Oil refinery accidentally dropped its load on a tank of liquid hydrogen fluoride , causing a release of 36, pounds 16, kg of hydrogen fluoride gas and requiring 3, residents to be evacuated.

On March 23, , the city suffered another explosion in a local BP formerly Amoco oil refinery which killed 15 and injured over Even in the widespread destruction throughout Galveston County caused by the wind and surge associated with Ike, Texas City was largely spared the devastation that other low-lying areas suffered. Texas City is mostly surrounded by a mile-long 27 km levee system that was built in the early s following the devastating floods from Hurricane Carla in Together with pump stations containing several Archimedes' screws located at various places throughout the northeast periphery of the city adjoining Galveston, Dollar Bay, and Moses Lake, the levee and pump station system may well have saved the city from wholesale devastation at the hands of Ike's powerful tidal surge.

Damage in the city was largely limited to that caused by Ike's powerful winds and heavy rains. Beginning Sunday, September 14, , the day after landfall, Texas City's high school football complex, Stingaree Stadium, was used as a staging and relocation area for persons evacuated by National Guard Black Hawk helicopters from nearby bayfront communities such as the Bolivar Peninsula and Galveston Island.

Also, by the morning of Monday, September 15, the American Red Cross had opened a relief and materiel distribution center in the city. The Texas City Dike was overtopped by a greater than foot 3. Although all buildings, piers, and the Dike Road were destroyed, the dike itself weathered the storm.

The dike was closed for three years while the road and supporting facilities were rebuilt. It was reopened to traffic in September According to the United States Census Bureau , the city has a total area of Officially, the elevation of Texas City is 10 feet above sea level, though some areas are even lower. It was naturally vulnerable to flooding by hurricane storm surges and heavy rainstorms. The land south and west of the city is flat coastal plain.

A large part of this area to the south is marshland. The lake drains into Galveston Bay, which bounds the city on the east. As of the census [3] of , 41, people, 15, households, and 10, families resided in the city. The population density was The 16, housing units averaged The racial makeup of the city was Hispanics or Latinos of any race were Of the 15, households, About The average household size was 2.

In the city, the population was distributed as The median age was 36 years.

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