How to start fm radio station in tamilnadu

how to start fm radio station in tamilnadu

How to Start a Radio Station Business

Dec 13,  · When it comes to how to start up a FM radio station, one of the options is low power FM. This type of radio station operates at lesser power than commercial stations and so they cover a smaller area. The exact area they will cover is dependent . i am samuel from chennai. wanted to start a fm radio station exclusively for Christians. please guide me for that. educationcupcake.ussions to work for consultancy who can help me in,to start the fm radio station. thanks sam. Tanuj Soni said on October 8,

If you want to start a radio station what is scientific realism in philosophy, you will need to pick the ideal location, secure the requirements for the permits and licenses, how to start fm radio station in tamilnadu for the equipment, and attend to other matters of the business.

You may need to hire a DJ or you can opt not to have one. Have business plan so that you can have some sort of guide in the operations. Do you love listening to the radio? Well, this is an how to clean chinese black lacquer furniture business opportunity for those who have the passion for radio service. Your very first task is to get the necessary license.

You can inquire at the Federal Communications Commission for the application requirements. What do you want? Radio stations vary. You can focus on playing music or in broadcasting news. Create your own business plan.

Having a radio show can be costly because you will need someone on the air all the time whereas if you simply play music, you can save some money. With the advances in technology, it is now possible to run a radio station that plays music e. Come up with a unique and easy to remember name for your radio station. For instance, you can use at least letters plus the frequency so that your potential listeners can easily identify it. You will need to get equipment for the station and have it installed.

You can shop around if you like so that you can get the best deals. If you still want to hire DJs, you may do so as long as your operating budget permits. Advertising can help your radio station stay how to start fm radio station in tamilnadu but just make sure that you pick the ads carefully.

To ensure that your listeners will stay loyal to your station, you can have contests and quizzes where they can win money or special prizes. You must do this often so that people will stick to your station. Allow listeners to call your station and make requests.

Try to play all the requests because this is also another way of promoting your radio station. You may need a DJ for this tactic so that the phone calls can be answered. Find a suitable location and start investing now. How to Start a Radio Station Business comments 5 expert advice 92, views If you want to start a radio station business, you will need to pick the ideal location, secure the requirements for the permits and licenses, shop for the equipment, and attend to other matters of the business.

Am a businessman in Kampala Uganda and want set up a commercial radio station about 40km away from the city centre-Kampala. Please kindly advise Yours faithfully, Lumala Josiah. Sonya McCray said on September 21, Fabian said on January 22, Hi your post was very informative. But you failed to mention how much it might cost in equipments. I live in Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa. Anthony Raji said on February 28, Hi thanks for this great info but please can I have the costing for equipments of a radio station to cover a state like Kaduna in Northern nigeria population average 5 million.

Tarak Parmar said on March 16, I am planning to start radio station in Pune, Maharashtra, India, Plz. Raghunath expert adviser said on March 16, Tarak Parmar, Hello Tarak Parmar, do you know what kind of radio station you want to start? If you want to start a FM radio station in india then you may need more then cores, it will be like any major ones that you listen. If you are looking for a internet based radio channel then you will need about 1 crore indian rupees. Equipments require for radio station depends on what kind of station you wish to start.

If you want to start full frequency radio station it is better to get expert guidance in earlier stage. Robert King said on April 28, Can you please provide me with the details as how much would it cost to set up one for a radius of 10kms area.

Tejas Satav said on July 27, Raghu nath pl can we talk Ndanu said on August 29, Hi I live in Dar es salaam, Tanzania. I hope to start a commercial radio station in the Lake Zone region of Mwanza.

I am seeking to exchange fresh ideas, concepts and experiences. Raymond said on September 21, I represent a radio broadcast equipment manufacturer. Routwell said on November 6, Anthony Raji and orakpor a, send us an email to routwell25 hotmail. Adejumo Busayo said on November 25, What are the requirements in getting a license and hw much would the set up cost be in Ibadan,Oyo State in Nigeria.

Joy Gracesion said on January 19, I would like to start an FM radio station whose range is within km. Location: Andhra Pradesh, India 1 Kindly let me know do you provide any Equipment which matches my requirement i. Your response is highly appreciated. I am looking at starting a commercial radio station in port harcourt city,rivers state, nigeria. Thabo said on January 28, Raveendran said on February 21, Should I need any license for that?

I wish to start a FM radio station. Coverage of all around 50 K. Pls tell valuable information about this, i Will be thankful you. DAN said on April 21, Hi i would like to start a christian radio station in Nakuru, kenya, please i need ideas and if possible include costs.

There is only one christian oriented radio station serving a population close to one million people, and I would like to start an all round radio station to serve my peoples need in the area. How will I get assistance?? Deepak said on May 4, Evangelist Jared Oreto said on May 16, I would like to start up a Christian fm radio station in Kenya. Help me please with the ideas on the procedures involved to go through such a program. I will highly appreciate your help please.

Stephen said on June 11, Hi my name is Stephen I want to open the community radio station in Lesotho Maputsoe aria. The radio equipment should be the affordable one, I need to get the estimated prices and the sample of the business plan. Paul j said on July 2, I reside in Kaduna State of What does notch mean on a metal detector and wish to start an FM radio station in the state to cater for the music needs of all ages.

I need to know what it would take to start off in terms of the equipments needed, estimated cost, procedures etc. Dr How to make warm water with honey and lemon Salunoka said on July 6, I hold a bachelors degree in theology, masters degree in ministry and PhD in missiology.

I am based in Zambia, Lusaka and we are requesting if you can help us set up a christian radio station. Please advise and God bless you. Adebola Oligbi said on July 18, I want to start a radio station in Ogun state. I would like to know the costs for start up and the best dealers for the radio equipments. Vaibhav Suri said on July 18, Please suggest me on the costing and procedures.

Please feel free to call me on Raphael kioma said on How to start fm radio station in tamilnadu 19, This is a great platform to learn what is expected in this industry that is growing at a higher rate.

May I know the contacts of cetrac k from Kitale. We need to strategies on how Kitale,Kenya can have a conclusive radio station. Please Cetrac communicate. Kabonso Japhet said on July 24,

Internet radio from Chennai

Contact number: +91 on WhatsApp. Radio Vividh Bharati FM. From: 2 October | Bitrate: 49 Kbps. Genre: classic, old songs, news. Frequency: FM. Language: Hindi, Tamil. Contact number: + Radio City FM. Radio stations in Tamil Nadu, India — listen online. rows · The main language used in Tamil Nadu is Tamil, but Tamil Nadu radio stations also .

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This article has been viewed , times. Learn more You have the means to start a low powered radio station without a FCC license. Low-powered FM radio stations are a good resource for nonprofits, schools, churches, community groups, and unions.

Note that the FCC rarely hands out permits for commercial free radio. To start a low power FM radio station, start by figuring out what type of radio station your community needs. For example, hang flyers around town that say "What do you want to hear on the radio? After that, try appealing to local organizations that might be interested in your programming for funding, or use an online fundraising platform to reach a broader audience.

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Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Understand unlicensed broadcasting. These devices are limited to feet 61 meter range. The transmitters are manufactured under the regulation of the FCC and have visible indicators for you to tell.

Find an available frequency on the radio. Before you take into account the necessary expenses of a low power FM radio station, you should seek out availability. The FCC allows commercial radio stations to bleed into or overpower your radio station. Search through your local FM stations and find a station without any radio programming. The key is to find the purest static channel. If you live in a metropolitan city like Chicago or L. You can do a quick check by visiting radiospark.

Find out what type of station your community needs. You are a member of a community and feel the need to power a radio station that your community is lacking. Consider if other members of your community want the same type of programming on the airways. A good way to receive feedback is by creating flyers with information about your radio station.

Hang the flyers around town and in community active spots like a coffee shop, library, or a venue space. If the station becomes popular, it is legal to profit from advertisements.

Make a list of necessary equipment. This includes a transmitter, antenna, and basic sound equipment microphones, mixer, CD player, etc. Take a quick inventory of media devices you own like a turntable, CD player, cassette player, etc.

Create the mission and vision for your station. Mission statements are meant to be a brief write up of your organization. This is an area where you can share the philosophy model you are basing your radio station around. Other items to include are your goals and your performance standards. These are goals to strive for with a mission statement: to make it memorable, credible, inspirational, and simple.

Here's an example from the station AshevilleFM: "At AshevilleFM, we're reflecting and adding to the rich stew of arts, culture and community involvement that is Asheville. We're bringing music, news, and the unusual to the airwaves at Depending on how far you plan to take your station, fundraising in the beginning can benefit your long term goals.

Look into some organizations that could be interested in your radio station. Once you find a local organization, draft a letter explaining your fundraising goals and include your mission statement. Method 2 of Gather your source equipment. Your source equipment includes a CD player, cassette player, record player, or other form of media players.

Consider getting used audio equipment from craigslist or other music posting websites. Use a reliable computer. There are many benefits to having a computer for your radio station and studio. You can generate the bulk of your station's broadcast with only a computer playing music, miscellaneous sounds, and even your own voice.

Many radio stations record shows on computers and play them at a selected time over the airways. If you are first starting out, a computer will cut down on a lot of your audio costs. You can upload your radio show as a podcast or as an internet radio station with a computer. Get a microphone and audio console. Unless you plan to play music alone, you should invest in at least one microphone, if not two.

You will also need an audio mixer to switch between multiple audio outputs like a turntable, microphone, and computer. You can invest in a USB microphone that goes directly into your computer. These mics have been continuing to grow and offer a range in quality. Obtain other audio equipment.

For future endeavors, you should have two headphones or more. If you use multiple headphones, you will also need a headphone splitter. Acquire a Part 15 Transmitter. Search through the internet for a professional grade, low powered FM transmitter. There are several options available that are all verified by the FCC. Use a good antenna. Remember a good antenna is a must for clear and long transmission.

An antenna that works well on one frequency may not work as well on another. Some audio stores will have antennas for FM transmitters, but you will probably have more luck shopping online.

You can also purchase a custom antenna, tuned to your radio frequency. Method 3 of Prepare a few programs. If your station is dedicated to music, prepare music specials. If your station is about science, create some interesting programs related to science. Consider if you want the length of your programs to be 30 minutes or an hour. You could also plan to do a quick 10 minutes of talking every hour of a music show. Plan for a week of broadcasting and choose certain programs for individual days.

Consistency is important for programs to develop a following. The key to planning programs is that each show is exciting in some way. When in doubt, throw on a catchy playlist. Plug everything in. Before going live, you should ensure that everything is plugged in and properly connected together. Follow each cable in your system and double check each end to be sure everything is in the proper place. Do a quick test of your broadcast and check the levels on your audio mixer or computer.

Tune to the station. Power your transmitter on and tune to the radio frequency, you choose, that isn't occupied by another station. Begin broadcasting.

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