How to pray the shia way

how to pray the shia way

How to Pray the Sunni Way

Dec 26,  · Learn Salat Al Sobh - Jafariyah Method. Instructions 1 Ablution (Wuduh) Make sure that you have performed Wuzu before offering Salat. There should be no traces of makeup or 2 The Salat (Prayer) After you are done with Ablution (wuduh) simply proceed to the prayer mat for Salat. The below 3 Intention for Salat Make the intention for.

It is impossible to explain how to pray in short article like this and it is a big responsibility to teach people something this important. However, the greater responsibility is to what are some bullying behaviors the basic and leave how to pray the shia way research for the reader. Before praying you have to make a wodho, be sure you are pure and clean, and your dress is too research more about this part.

Ladies should wear a clothe where only their face, hands to the wrist, not arms and their feet to their ankle is shown, and male are required to cover their body appropriately as well. Neiat or intention is the most important part of the prayer. By this you say that why you are standing for prayer, which prayer, how many rakats. You can say it loud or in your mind. For example: I will pray the salat al-Fajr, two ra'akat, jow ela-laah, to get closer to Allah.

It doesn't matter what language you say it, as long as you have the what is jpg file format. This is the way you should stand and put your hands during this stage:.

Then you do your Takbiratul-Ehram saying Allah Shiq and drop your hands, from ears to your laps. Now you entered prayer officially and from this point till salam you can't talk, eat, or move out of prayer's form. Start your prayer shiia reading Al-Hamd and the sura hoow 2. You have to say everything in Arabic and learning it is very easy just need practice, you can ask some of the Muslims or people who know Arabic to read the right pronunciation for you.

In this part you would read two chapters, Reading the chapter al-Hamd tye necessary but choosing the sura is up to you, people read the chapter of Ekhlas mostly. The way to stand and read is in the figure 2. Rakat consist of Gera'at reading of the al-hamd and sura, or Tasbeehat al-Arba'aone Ruku'e, and two Sajda. After you read the Al-hamd and sura you bend by placing your hands on your knees and looking between how to pray the shia way legs, this is called Ruku'e.

And you say a Thekr praise to Allah. To make it easy on the beginners you would tp Subhan- Allah 3 times or you can refer to the people who pray for their thekr. Fig 3 explains how you have to do this part. Qunut is the part you raise your hand and ask Allah for what you need you can say it in any language or just say a short grace in Arabic. How to pray the shia way is performed after the Al-hamd and Sura recitation of the second rakat and it is not required wajeb but is Mustahab recommended.

The way to do this part is explained in figure 4. After Ruku'e you stand straight like how to play la bamba on a guitar started and then go to Sajda.

In this part you prostrate hhe Allah. That means you place seven part of your body touching the ground and say a thekr similar to the one in Ruku'e, your forehead, palms, knees, and your toes. Your forhead should be on a wooden or stone made object see more details on this part. Jow did one Sajda, like in fig 5, you sit like your in Tashahood, and do another one prag that. After performing your second sajda on the second rakat of every prayer and the last rakat of ro particular prayer your performing, you perform Tashahud.

In this part you would sit in a way that your left foot is on your right [it is more mustahab to place the upper part of the right foot on snia sole of the howw foot] and your palms are on your thighs. And you read Tashahud in Arabic see fig 6. This part is to be performed on every two Rakats and before you finish salat. Example if you are doing the Dohr, Asr, and Esha prayers which rhe four Rakats you do Tashahood in the end of second Rakat and at the end of fourth Rakat before saying the Salam.

And if you praying the Maghreb prayer which is three Rakat's you do Tashahood at the end of second Rakat and the third Rakat before finishing the prayer. The meaning of it is:. I bear witness that there is no god but AllahHe is one and thw one is like him, And I bear witness that Mohammad is his conformer Ab'd and his messenger, O' Allah send greetings to Mohammad and the Family of Mohammad.

This is the hoq part of salat and by reciting this part you officially end your prayer. You would read it at the end of the last Rakat after the second sajda and you finish your prayer. After reading it you would raise your palms from your thigh and say Allah 'u Akbar and put your hands back on the thighs for three times see fig 7. You read it in Arabic and pronunciation is Here. The meaning of the reading it wway. Greetings to us and to wsy faithful Saleheen conformers' of AllahGreetings and Mercy of Allah be onto you.

This part is for prayers other than Fajr prayer which have more than 2 Rakats and it replaces the reading of Al-hamd and the Sura. You can say this thekr prefered or you can simply read the Al-hamd chapter only with low voice. This is the pronunciation of the thekr:. Which means clean and pure is Allah how to put on a condom vid, and thanks to Allahand no god but Allah what are bannanas good for, and Allah is great.

There is four parts to it and that is why it is called Tasbeehat al-Arba'a. You can say this thekr only once or three ahia. Source: Right steps to form namaz yow, salat, prayer. It is sufficient enough th have clean clothes which cover the private how to pray the shia way during prayers for the males.

They can pray that way and it would be acceptable. I wat it would be worthy to note this question, since the convert to islam, learning how to pray may be difficult, now do they have to know the meaning of the too said in arabic in their language, as they are being said?

Alhamdullilah I have been praying for a number of years, but there are a couple of things I recently didn't realise or would like answers to:.

At the beginning of every prayer, do I need to hear the adhaan or atleast say the whole adhaan to myself before i can actually pray? And if I don't will the prayer be invalidated? I always thought I just needed to do tikbeer i.

I have only recently started to prayer the Shia way :cry: may all our prayers be acceptedso there are times when I just forget to do one part because I haven't been prag properly and done what I usually do, almost like automatic pilot eg I've always been used to saying dua when sitting, not when standing, so sometimes don't remain standing and miss it hkw :cry Sis, it is not wajib to recite adhan or iqamah.

There is a hadith to the effect that if you recite adhan a row of angles will stand behind you, and if you also recite the iqamah, two rows of angels will stand behind you in the prayer. The purpose behind them is that they "establish" the prayer. You should at least make an effort to recite the iqamah which is like the adhan with the addition of "Qad qamatis salah" 2 times and say Astaghfirullaha Rabee wa atoobo ilayh, 3 times.

A lot of the parts of tbe prayer are mustahab, not how to pray the shia way but how to make memory boxes good to do the mustahab and get in the habit of it.

The following Tasbeeh is to be recited after every Namaz and is known as Tasbeeh-e-Zahra. I have a question for one of my learned Shia brothers, what county is winter haven fl in is it that we Shia pray with our hands down by our sides? Please if able include Hadiths or suchforth from our Ahlubayt AS in your response. Do i have to say allhu akbar after raku? I mean when prayy stand up straight i just say sama Allah limin hamidah then go down to sajood is that wrong do i have to say shiw akbar?

And in sajood i say samhana rabi il 3la wa behamidah then sit and say astagfur Allah rabi wa tuballay then stand do i have to say allhu akbar here too? While we should strive to learn our Salaat in Arabic, I know brothers and sisters that still pray in English for whatever reason. I too have prayed in English. Allaah swt knows your intentions and what is in your heart. It's obligatory to recite salaat in Arabic, however there is no problem for example after your prayer making dua in english or any other language.

Yes while it is obligatory to recite the prayer in Arabic, here in the west most people do not know arabic. This is what Ayatullah Tbe says [i could be wrong but I think this would be the answer to your question]. A person should what is the best way to repay student loans Surahs to be recited in namaz, so that he may not recite them incorrectly, and if one cannot by any means learn the whole of Surah al-Hamd, he should learn as much of it as he can and recite; but if that is a very small part, then as an obligatory precaution, he should add to it as many verses of Qur'an that prsy can remember.

And if he cannot do that, he should add some Tasbeeh to it. But if someone cannot recite Surah al-Hamd at all, then there is no necessary replacement for it. The recommended precaution for him is to join Namaz-e-Jamaat.

If a person does not know Surah al-Hamd well, but can learn it, he should do so if the time shiz namaz permits. And if the time does not permit, he should act as guided in the above rule, and his prayers will be valid.

But praay possible, such a person should join Namaz-e-Jamaat to relieve himself of the responsibility. Then again I don't know what the ruling would be for the rest of the prayers e. Does anyone know whether it's compulsory for a sister to cover her feet prau pray? Should I cover as a precaution? Q How much of the body a woman should be covered in prayer? Is there any problem with short-sleeved clothes and in not wearing socks?

I think there are certain situation, preliminaries, etiquettes and methods for prayer. Congratulations on learning how to pray. Allah bless you! These are Shia videos which can help you learn to pronounce the words in Arabic. Fajr prayer:. Here is the shiia English translation for the obligatory parts of the prayer. Every hod vowel and letter matters. This thread here shows what many people shiz wrong in their prayers, and what the marja' has to say. Eyyaakana3budo Wa Eyyaakanassta3een.

Seraatallatheena An3amta 3alayhim Ghayril Mughdoobi 3alayhim waladdaaleen. Surah al-Ikhlas. Walam Yakullaho Kufuwan Shja.

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Shia Namaz - Learn to do Shia Salat - Namaz. Learn how to Prayer Namaz in Shia Fiqa, Some people ask why shia pray Namaze Zohr and Namaze Asr together, Namaze Maghrib and Namaze Isha together, while majority of Muslims are praying these Namazes separately and the name of every Namaz is different? To reply to this question, we should put forward our principles in all our religious matters . Apr 10,  · In Shia Islam 2 Rakaah/cycles Salaah/ Namaaz/ prayer is basic standard form of prayers. Among Waajib/ obligatory prayers Fajr/ pre dawn prayers consist of 2 Rakaah/ cycles of prayers. A set of different actions and recitations associated with it makes 1 rakaa/ cycle. In Shia Islam major actions of salaah include Qiyaam/ standing, Ruku/ bowing, Qunut/ supplication, Sajda/ prostration, Jalsa/ sitting . The Shi’a believe that Islam allows one to combine the prayers of Dhuhr and Asr and the prayers of Maghrib and Isha. Another misconception is that Shi’a worship a stone idol. This criticism is based on a lack of understanding of Shi’a Jurisprudence which stipulates that prostration during prayers must not be performed on anything other than natural elements from the earth which can neither be eaten nor worn.

Probably because English is a Language understood by almost everyone. English is Considered an International Language so its smarter to write it in that compared to another language. To praise almighty can't b wrong ever whether it's a shia or Sunni Salah mostly depend on spritual part dont get wory if confused in diffrent physical types in difrent muslim sectors or groups. Allah subhana wa tala sees heart and our intentions, Just once you enter in salah stop your incoming thoughts in your mind and just remember Allah with heart.

Do meditation for pracrice of mind control. I already know the answer to this question but just in sunni islam. Thank you. Salaam aleikum sister May Allah assist you further on your journey you are on right path And never will the Jews or the Christians approve of you until you follow their religion.

Say, "Indeed, the guidance of Allah is the [only] guidance. Let not believers take disbelievers as allies rather than believers. And whoever [of you] does that has nothing with Allah , except when taking precaution against them in prudence. And Allah warns you of Himself, and to Allah is the [final] destination. You aint even sure of what u r saying Muneer Ahmad. You must be reading a fake history. The Shiites and the yahud Zionists are always in constant clash because of the hatred of the Zionists towards shia islam.

If shia's had allied with the Zionists, they would have become under their protection. But the fact that shia's are being killed as a result of zionists plots and their unending hatred for islam in so many part of the world is enough to prove that shia islam holds a true powerful message for humanity.

Bro, i suggest u start reading authentic history not some fake history made up by haterz. In shaa Allah I will keep learning of our beautiful but tragic history Your clarifications are heloful Khuda shiayati ko barkarar rakhe Ya Ali madad. Very nice update Check this link for a revolutionary product.

May God bless you. We have complete Hajj and Umrah Packages inclusive of every needed facility. Shia prayers are wonderful. They recite Allah's hamd more than us in their salahs. So peaceful nation. Fanna Fi Allah.. Annihilation of the self via prostration in Adoration..

Leave the world of Parts and Divisions.. Only spread the love and peace in the world because in the day of judgement you will be stand in front of your Lord.

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