How to make christmas light extension cords

how to make christmas light extension cords

How to make christmas lights extension cord

Dec 22,  · Planning for the area to put your Christmas light extension cord display before making a purchase will save you time during installation. First option: Make sure to purchase commercial light strings or spools with the sockets already attached in increments like 6, 12, and inch bulb Tashi Sherpa. How to Make a Christmas Light Extension Cord: It is too frustrating to try to fix broken Xmas light strands, but you don't have to throw them away. Make a Xmas Light Extension Cord. They are great for connecting trees and wreaths and garland to outlets.

Every December 25, there is always a festival all Christian extehsion does, Christmas. There is a lot of light extension cord that we typically put in our house during the period.

In this guide, we will explain to you the best ways to create a custom Christmas light extension cord that is perfect for your home during Xmas.

The Christmas light customization options. No other stuff like a beautiful Christmas light display accented with zip-tied clumps of electrical wire and mangled extension cords for the light. This option is very important because Christmas mini light strings can be dangerous to fix personally. It is always advisable to call an electrician to fix or customize wiring like that because electrical things can be savvy most of the time to tackle necessary wiring fixes. This aspect is straightforward what is a rough rider Christmas light stringers can be replaced mostly for C7 and C9 Christmas bulb displays.

Christmas light stringers use a two-wire configuration, not like the first one, which is very complex to fix, and this wiring configuration extenzion can be bought in up to 1, ft spools. The professional installers mostly use the 1, spools to create custom length light runs. It can be easier how to make christmas light extension cords install with homes that feature rooflines with extra peaks, windows, dormers, and other architectural features that look perfect when outlined with Christmas lights extension cords.

Splicing can be seen in many ways attached to the basic electrical wiring as electrical wiring can often be cut. Wire coating can be stripped, exposing the copper wire within it, and wiring can be joined to a corresponding wire using any number of techniques, maybe like twist-on wire connectors to make Christmas light. The butt or splice connectors do make a permanent connection with the solder.

And these connections can be protected by covering them with electrical tape, liquid tape, or heat shrink tubing.

This process is very straightforward. In another way, if you are trying to make chrisrmas Christmas lights that require numerous splice connections can be tedious and dangerous. There are other fasters ways how to make christmas light extension cords creating custom Christmas light extension cord by using zip plugs, zip cord, and zip sockets. It brings the best result for the Christmas light display with clean sxtension and no extra mess christmax wires or how to make a digital camera infrared sockets.

Planning for the area to put your Christmas light extension cord display before making a purchase will save you time during installation. If you want the light run to end, then you need to cut the wires by adding either a male or female zip plug to the cut end to finish it off.

Be sure to purchase sockets and bulk wire separately. After that, you install zip sockets at any spacing intervals you like along the wire. Then you can either end the wire with a socket or probably add a male or female zip plug to the end as needed. With all this explanation, you can easily decide what to use to make your Christmas lights extension how to clear a cloudy above ground pool for the upcoming Xmas.

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Oct 13,  · How To Make Extension Cords For Christmas LightsThis is how we make all our Extension cords for our Christmas Lights. You can use either SPT 1 or SPT 2 Lamp. How to make Christmas lights extension cord 1. Clip the zip cord. Be careful not to strip off the insulation from the wire. 2. Take off back slider from the plug. 3. Hold the zip and insert it into the plug. When you do this check out and make sure that the tip of the zip goes all 4. Slip the. Aug 29,  · Do NOT waste money on heavy, bulky, and ugly hardware store extension cords MAKE YOUR OWN for FREE! Save thousands of dollars and utilize your old broken.

It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. I am setting up christmas lights. I have two shrubs which are about 6 feet apart, and I want to put an LED string set on each. I bought a two-prong outdoor extension cord to run between the shrubs. The prongs from the extension cord do not fit into the end of the LED string.

However the LED prongs can plug into the other side of the extension cord without issue. Do you need some sort of converter to allow the prongs of the extension cord to go into the xmas light string set? This is the extension cord prong end:. This is the LED string light end:. Thanks for the pictures! It looks like the problem is that your extension cord is polarized, but your Christmas lights aren't.

The best solution is to replace the electrical receptacle at the end of the first set of lights with a polarized one. They sell replacement receptacles for Christmas lights. You could use a ground plug adapter to do this, but you would need to trim the polarized neutral plug to fit in a non-polarized hole which is a bad idea.

It will be fine for this season, but once you take your lights down for the season you'll forget that you have a modified adapter that could be reused for something else and hurt somebody.

Can you plug the extension cord in near the first bush, using a splitter or three-way tap if needed, and run it from there to the second bush? That would avoid the need to modify anything. Do you have an old string of Christmas lights you can sacrifice? If so, you can convert it into a non-polarized extension cord. The basic technique is shown in this video. If you search online, you'll easily find other sources for the same information. One problem I have with the video is that he splices the wires by twisting them together and wrapping them with electrical tape.

That can work, but I'm not happy with it from a safety standpoint. I recommend using solder and heat shrink tubing. For outdoor use, get the type of heat shrink tubing with adhesive in it to keep the water out. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Stack Overflow for Teams — Collaborate and share knowledge with a private group.

Create a free Team What is Teams? Learn more. Extension cord can't plug into christmas light string? Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 4 months ago. Active 1 year, 7 months ago. Viewed 42k times. Thanks This is the extension cord prong end: This is the LED string light end: The packaging of the extension cord says it is polarized. Improve this question. Can you post photos of the socket on the end of the light string and the plug on the extension cord?

See polarized vs non-polarized plugs. Dec 20 '17 at ThreePhaseEel added a photo. Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes. Improve this answer. Dotes Dotes 4, 7 7 silver badges 16 16 bronze badges. Yeah the extension cord packaging says it is "polarized". This is the obvious solution, but it creates the risk that the extension cord will provide reversed polarity current to devices which are sensitive to it.

Use with caution. I always assumed this was intended to prevent the casual user from using christmas lights as extension cords, since their wiring is so light duty. It's really not a good idea to attempt this unless you're confident that the draw on the system is low enough!

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