How to find fake indian currency

how to find fake indian currency

Fake Indian Currency and How to Spot It

Feb 13,  · Look at the Watermark In a fake currency, the watermark usually looks thick. Pay detail attention to the watermark. The fake currency gang apply oil, grease or Author: Heeba Hameed. Jul 26,  · How to Identify Fake Currency Notes in India? 1. See through Register. The small floral design called ‘See through Register’ is printed both on the front (hollow) and 2. Watermark. The Mahatma Gandhi Series of bank notes have the Mahatma .

File Photo for representative purposes. With several complaints and rumours about "fake new notes" of Rs 2, denomination, there is some wariness among the people as the notes come into wider circulation. Notes of Rs denomination would be circulated soon by banks. However, the new notes not only have several security features difficult to counterfeit, there are how to find fake indian currency ways the users can verify if the notes are genuine.

The touch and hhow of the notes can be used for this. The seven "bleed lines" on the side of the Rs fae, notes, and five lines on Rs notes are in raised printing or intaglio. The security thread what was mumbai originally called both the notes changes colour ohw green to blue at different angles. Also, the numeral and 2, on the right currenfy also change colour when seen at different angles.

These can be easily faake by any user and are very hard to counterfeit, according to experts. The new notes have changed colours. While the Rs 2, note's paper is in magenta, the Rs note is in stone gray. Size is 66mm x mm. See through register where the numeral 2, can be seen when note is held up against light. Number panel with numerals growing from small to big what is google ssl used for top left and bottom right sides.

The new Rs note at 63mm x mm is smaller in size than previous one. Features for visually impaired like circle with Rs in raised print on the right.

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Aug 16,  · Know the Characteristics of Indian Currency notes which help in differentiating fake notes and original ones. This is video by Reserve Bank of India (RBI), t. Jun 30,  · Every time one reads about the fake currency racket, the first picture that comes to our mind is the old bulgy shopkeeper taking our five hundred rupee note and putting it against the light Author: Usha Rani Das. Nov 15,  · Also, the numeral and 2, on the right side also change colour when seen at different angles. These can be easily identified by any user and are very hard to counterfeit, according to experts. The new notes have changed colours. While the Rs 2, note's paper is in magenta, the Rs note is in stone gray.

Unfortunately, the issue of fake Indian currency is a huge issue that's been growing in recent years. Counterfeiters are becoming so clever and the newest notes are made so well, it's difficult to identify them. How do you spot fake notes? Find out some tips in this article. Estimates vary as to how many fake notes are in circulation. Fake notes are even dispensed from ATM machines at banks in India, particularly higher denomination notes.

The Indian government has been putting a lot of effort into addressing the issue of fake currency, including changing the design of notes to make them harder to copy and implementing a surprise overnight demonetization of existing and 1, rupee notes.

On November 8, , the Indian government declared that all existing rupee and 1, rupee notes would cease to be legal tender from midnight. The rupee notes have been replaced by new notes with a different design, and brand new 2, rupee notes have been introduced for the first time. However, it didn't reduce the problem of fake currency. Only three months after the newly minted 2, rupee note was introduced in India, multiple counterfeit copies of it were found and confiscated.

There were even instances of fake notes being issued in the name of the "Children's Bank of India" and dispensed from ATMs. Since then, the Reserve Bank of India has progressively redesigned all currency notes.

New and 50 rupee notes were introduced in August This was followed by a new 10 rupee note in January , a new rupee note in July , and a new 20 rupee note in April The problem of counterfeit currency continues unabated though, with the new 2, rupee note emerging as the major culprit.

In January , analysis of the latest reports of the National Crime Records Bureau NCRB indicated that 2, rupee notes made up most of the fake currency seized in India after demonetization. In particular, law enforcement agencies seized counterfeit currency totaling Fake 2, rupee notes comprised But where do the fake notes come from? The Indian government believes that the notes are produced by foreign racketeers in Pakistan, on demand from Pakistan's military intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence ISI.

India's National Investigation Agency found that fake Indian currency was used by Pakistani terrorists involved in the attack in Mumbai. According to news reports, the main motive behind Pakistan's printing of the fake notes is to destabilize the Indian economy.

It's a major issue for the Indian government, which aims to make the counterfeiting of Indian currency an offense under the country's anti-terrorism law, the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act Pakistan is believed to have numerous counterfeit currency networks operating out of Nepal, Bangladesh and Thailand.

In India, Gujarat state is the biggest hub for fake currency. A further Significant amounts of fake currency were also found in border states including Mizoram, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, and Rajasthan.

However, the problem is no longer restricted to border states. Counterfeit 2, rupee notes, which were said to look so genuine it would be hard for the average person to identify them as fake, were recently seized in Bangalore.

There are a number of signs that indicate currency is fake. These include:. However, the best way to spot fake Indian currency is to familiarize yourself with what real Indian currency looks like. It contains large pictures of all the new Indian notes with detailed descriptions of their security features. Do make sure that you check your Indian currency, as there is a significant chance of ending up with a fake note. Received fake Indian currency? Here's what you can do.

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