How to draw a boeing 747

how to draw a boeing 747

EL AL Farewell B747 by Drawing Special 747 Plane in the Sky

Sep 14,  · Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw a Boeing Boeing is a commercial cargo plane & is very wide plane. It is commonly known as jumbo jet. View As: Standard Printable Step by Step. How to Draw a Boeing Step 1. Draw shapes as shown. Step 2. Draw four circles & outline for tail. Step 3. Dec 23,  · Learn drawing and coloring a jumbo jet airplane in this step by step video. Please pause where ever you are stuck or need a break. Download a free printa.

EL AL is ending the service of their B, after 48 years of operation. The Israeli airline celebrated their "Queen of the Sky" with 2 special flights from Tel Aviv to Rome and back last weekend. A roundtrip on the last B flight cost:. The seats were sold out within days. I was invited on-board one of these special flights as media. In fact, I think I was the only non Jewish or non Israeli passenger! There was a "Goodbye " sign on most of the check-in desks for this special flight.

A reception was held at the gate which displayed a lot of EL AL B pictures and unforgettable moments. The flight was definitely an unusual one, with flight attendants welcoming guests while dressed in farewell B T-shirts I was later given one of these special T-shirt's to celebrate the occasion.

Flight time to Rome was 3 hours cruising at FL 36, Elal boeing pic. Many of the 18 crew who operated this flight were family, including the 2 pursers who are husband and wife; the Captain's daughter was also a flight attendant. The Economy Class meal included a choice of omelette or blintzes pancakes with sweet cheese while Business Class meals included egg shakshuka or fried rosti vegetable.

Look at these first generation IFE screens on the B The flight was an "open cockpit" flight. Who would've thought that the world's most "secured" airline would allow you to visit the flight deck during a flight? The atmosphere on this flight was "super", just like on all the other B farewell flights I have had. We received a water cannon salute before taxing to the gate. It was Captain Maoz Tsur's last landing on the B It was a perfect landing!

Last landing of the captain was a great smooth one! Boeing Elal pic. EL AL were making sure that this flight would be extra special. There was another gate ceremony, with flight attendants dressed in retro uniforms circa s. We departed 30 minutes late and were finally how to draw a boeing 747 around local time. Departure was from Runway 25 and we headed straight out to the sea.

We carried a total of persons on-board including extra crew and their families. Every seat, including the jumpseat and crew rest, was filled, as there were so many who came to bid a farewell to the B On this flight, there were special bartenders serving special cocktails to all passengers. Lunch consisted of Lasagna or cannelloni. Special farewell chocolate's and tiramisu's were handed out to all. I enjoyed my lunch inside the best office, the cockpit at 36, ft. Other passengers were also allowed to visit the cockpit during the flight.

After 1. Passengers were treated to a special show how to draw a boeing 747 the sky, a drawing of a Boeing After 48 years, El Al is operating its final service. About 2 how to use green tea for weight loss in urdu into the flight from Rome to Tel Aviv the aircraft will draw a special tribute to the in the sky southwest of Cyprus.

The idea was from EL AL's marketing department and it was a long planned precise operation by the flight department. Over 80 additional way points were entered into FMC Flight management computer to ensure the drawing would be precise. The speed of the plane was lowered between knots during the drawing to ensure that it could turn slowly and precisely.

ATC over Nicosia Cyrpus were informed. It took nearly 2 hours to complete the complex drawing. During that time FlightRadar24 and other tracking apps were covering our flight. We received flight messages from EL AL that said "you're looking good, the engines are perfect". The cabin was quiet during this special activity as the plane was doing many turns at various speeds.

Most passengers were seated and strapped in, but many took to looking out of the window. The captain increased speed during straight line travel but had to reduce speed during the turns, to make sure the drawing kept the correct shape.

Congratulations how much is it to rent a 4 wheeler El Al retiring their Queen of the Sky in the best ever way! After we completed the drawing, the entire cabin erupted with cheers and joy. We climbed back to 31, ft and continued our remaining journey into Tel Aviv. Before the end of the flight every passenger was presented with these retro postcards, including a flight certificate.

In closing, I want to thank you EL AL for inviting me on this special farewell flight experience. The pilots, flight attendants and all the how to draw a boeing 747 I met were super friendly towards how to transfer a paraplegic. They figured out that I had come a long way to be there and they went out of their way to make me feel comfortable.

They gave me the best treatment, everywhere I went inside the Because the love of this airplane and aviation, I got to meet many interesting people and had many great experiences around the globe. Because of theit brings many of us together. Aviation connects the globe, it unite us, not divides us. I hope you enjoyed the last flight of El Al B coverage.

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May 16,  · Download a free printable outline of this video and draw along with us: you for watching. P. May 05,  · How to draw boeing airplane. Sep 14,  · Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw a Boeing Boeing is a commercial cargo plane & is very wide plane. It is commonly known as jumbo jet. View As: Standard Printable Step by Step. Signup for Free Weekly Drawing Tutorials Please enter your email address receive free weekly tutorial in your email.

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