How to download black ops 2 on xbox 360

how to download black ops 2 on xbox 360

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Nov 06,  · This is a legit tutorial on how to get the game before the release date!utorrent:educationcupcake.usck Ops $ Download to Xbox Call of Duty®: Black Ops II Vengeance Premium Theme. out of 5 stars from reviews the second DLC Map Pack available for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Uprising arrives first on Xbox LIVE on April 16th. Free Download to Xbox Call of Duty®: Black Ops II Uprising. out of 5 stars from.

When you get to the mystery box, open it. When the question mark gets really bright, then knife the bow really fast. First, Tranzit. When you spawn in the bus station, go outside, and look at the benches. He is on one of the 3 benches. The next bear is at the Farm. Unlock the door to the house, go upstairs, and the bear should be sitting on a mattress against the wall. The final one is at Town inside the bar. He is sitting on a seat on the lower floor, on the opposite side where you build the Jetgun.

By activating all 3 of these holding down X near ityou get a song playing. Next, Die Rise. First, buy the door at the spawn. Walk to the far wall, and turn right. You will need to jump down to the lower room, and you will see a door. Instead of buying it, turn right through a doorway. The bear is on a shelf to its right. To get the next bear, go down from this room and turn right down a hallway. Instead, go all the way across until you will fall off the edge and turn right.

There is a small ledge. Walk down it and down a slide at the end. This will bring you to a room with the mystery box. Leave the room, turn left, and parcour down all the way into a room with the AN Buy the barrier into a new room, and jump down to the floor. There is a pole leading how to transfer videos to imovie to the ledge with the bear on it.

The final bear is in the room where you turn on the power, against the left wall on a sowing machine. If there is a new DLC, I will post the teddy bear locations in a different post. Jump into the elevator at the spawn. While it is falling, the Flopper will pass. To get the Flopper, build the Trample Steam and get to the area where you turn on the power without jumping down the elevator. Use the trample steam to jump to the area where you get 2 keys. You and another person take these to the spawn how to make a paver stone patio insert the elevator keys.

The elevator should take you to the floor with Flopper. It costs points. In Green Run on Farm buy the MP5 then kill all the zombies but one and go to the mystery box and shoot the latch with one bullet and activate the box and you will get the ray gun if you run out of ammo repeat.

If you want a lot of points, you have to do this on the 1st round: shoot 4 times a the zombies then stab. If they are on fire, shoot 3 times then stab, and on the 2nd round shoot 5 times then stab, and again if they are on fire shoot one less time then stab.

On the 3rd round shoot 6 times then stab, and if they are on fire shoot 5 times then stab, then you should be able to buy the box or a gun.

Warning: if they are on fire and you how to change the neckline of a t shirt them they will blow up and you can go down.

You will have to go back and fourth for this transmission. Go to TranZit. Next, head for how to download black ops 2 on xbox 360 farm unlock the gate and house. There should be a tv fizzing, hold x and it will stop. Step 2: Go to the power station, activate the power. Step 3: Head back to the farm to and to the tv. Hold x. Then theres the secret transmission. On the level where you kill Alex Mason, shoot him in the leg instead of the head.

Later on, when you beat the game, Alex Mason is still alive. In Tranzit survival or multi-player, where the box is outside, next to it there is a barricade. Go on the side of the barricade and there is a crack where there is fire and in-between the wall of the barricade and the crack there is a little pathway and you in through there so the zombies can only go one way in and that's where they'll burn trying to get to you.

Just shoot them, but make sure all your friends are in the spot with you and what is the normal range for creatinine levels sure you have ammo. Okay to get all the parts for the sligufier 1: you have to get the part on a container next to a couch that is across from the sligufier bench you can buy this couch so it can get out of the way.

And the part looks like wires. Across it there will be a part in the middle of the little room. And the part looks like a trigger. You should see it once you see the power switch. The part will be in a little kitchen. You will have to go to the sligufier bench then turn left then keep going until you see a little kitchen looking like place. Then you will go forward then you should see the hose trigger looking part.

And if the part is not there you have to go to the power room then go to the power switch then turn right you go until you get to the table at the very end. And then you go to the right and then look at the corner of the table then you should see the hose trigger looking part. When reloading any gun, when you are almost done switch to your other weapon and then switch back to the gun you were reloading and you should be done has to be timed correctly so it may not work every time.

To save how to download black ops 2 on xbox 360 few bullets in the first 5 rounds, check the round number. The round number until round 5 will indicate the number of times it would take to kill a zombie.

First if more than1 person in the game 1 pack-a-punches the m startting gun 2ndgets jug 3rb gets the box 4th quick revive. Not 4 people in the game skip the how to download black ops 2 on xbox 360 and do it when you r done. If you r on ur own do the 3rd step last. Also it helps if you run in a circle and kill all of them at once. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

You can play Atari on the television that's in the center of Nuketown. To do it, you have to go into a custom match mode, either by yourself or with friends. When the match starts you have two minutes to shoot off every mannequin head. There are about 20 of them, and every time you try, they will randomly spawn.

Always look outside of the map too! Buy the M Wedge yourself between the car and the gate beside you. Look all the way down. Shoot their feet. Gather all the pieces to make a turbine. Get to the bus and take it all the way to the 3rd stop where the ak40u is at.

Go inside that small house where the ak40u gun is at. Go in side and find all the parts and build the power. Take out your turbine and go towards the power switch and keep walking then turn around until you see the inside of the power switch then move to the left a little bit. All the zombies should be going towards the corner of the table and they wont be able to get you. SinceCheatCodes. To find all the latest cheats, guides, hints and tips, visit CheatCodes.

Easter eggs. Facing the Dragon 10 In Die Rise, face the dragon head-on before reaching round 2. High Maintenance 75 In Die Rise, be the architect of their instruction. Vertigoner 10 In Die Rise, fling 10 zombies in one game. What does hyundai powertrain warranty cover in Time 10 Use a future weapon in the past.

Big Leagues 20 Win 5 multiplayer League Play games after being placed in a division. Dead or Alive 15 Jailor or executioner. Death from Above 50 Stop Menendez once and for all. Deep Cover 20 Capture Menendez. Dirty Business 15 Listen and think before you shoot. Driven by Rage 20 Take down Menendez and his operation. False Profit 20 Capture Manuel Noriega and bring him to justice. Family Reunion 10 There are two futures.

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Xbox Series X|S Xbox One Description The Games on Demand version supports EnglishPushing the boundaries of what fans have come to expect from the record-setting entertainment franchise, Call of Duty®: Black Ops II propels players into a near future, 21st Century Cold War, where technology and weapons have converged to create a new generation. Nov 16,  · For Xbox One on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Installing black ops 2 from disc?". Nov 11,  · In this full video tutorial going to show you how to download Call of Duty Black Ops 2 full game for free on your Xbox and PS3. This is a very rare and leaked tool to download Call of Duty Black Ops 2 game for free.

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Learn more. Ask Question. Asked 4 years, 1 month ago. Active 2 years, 7 months ago. Viewed 3k times. Improve this question. GipsyD GipsyD 1 1 gold badge 13 13 silver badges 27 27 bronze badges. Nit sure why you cant find it on the console to purchase, but purchasing content on microsofts website should give make the content available to download in-game, on your console.

If it's still not available to download after purchasing, that is strange. Would the DLC start downloading automatically? But yes, that is the idea, ownership of content is independent of the platform on which it was purchased as long as you buy the dlc, and not the PC dlc, etc — Dpeif Mar 6 '17 at Add a comment.

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