How to create kpi in sharepoint 2010

how to create kpi in sharepoint 2010

KPI Dashboard using SharePoint List

Feb 07,  · For a free SharePoint site, visit Here is how you can create calculated KPI in Sharepoint Create powerful key performa. Apr 07,  · Free SharePoint Site click here:****Follow us: *****Google+:

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Reliable and affordable, thanks! The KPI Web Part lets you: define one or shareplint KPI indicators choose a horizontal, vertical or grid layout with or without icons CSS styles to customize the look and feel use aggregate functions like "sum", "average", "count" etc. SharePoint 'Modern' version » Product. Site Name : Enter the name of the site that contains the Sharepoint List: - leave this field empty if the List is in the current site eg.

A good choice is to use the Sharepoint "Links" list template as a basis for what is physical barrier effects list. A List View kpii you to specify specific data filtering and sorting. You will also need to include all the columns in the View.

Leave this field empty if you want 20110 use the List default view. You can pass a filter value to this field via a Filter web part by connecting the two web parts and entering [filter] into the field. Cache Retention Time: enter the data cache retention time dreate minutes enter "0" to turn off the cache feature to speed up consecutive page visits. Leave this field empty if you are using the evaluation version.

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Sep 09,  · To create a KPI by using the Create a KPI wizard Select Blank KPI to create a single KPI. Select Objective to create a KPI that serves as a heading for a group of other KPIs. Thanks bgrgic for your reply. Actually I am able to create the KPI from Dashboard from both the ways, Adding new item (like PerformancePoint KPI, Scorecard, Dashbaord) from Central Admin and directly from Peformance point Dashbaord desinger. But only when I am trying to create throgh my code, getting above exception. Nov 25,  · hi, how to use the the kpi in sharepoint can any one give example for this.

I have made this work fine, but my next step is to join 8 of them together. I have 8 columns now all with images. R1, R2 R3 etc. Do you have a solution for this please? Regards Clayton. Clayton, You can't use values from different rows in calculated columns! If you must do that, You have to write XSL!! Thanks a lot Salaudeen, this is what I was exactly looking for!

Just a doubt, is it possible to display the KPI with a value next to it? Chris, That's where the jQuery comes to the picture. Place the jQuery provided above! Hi Salaudeen, Thank you so much for sharing this great solution. We are using SharePoint Online.

We followed the steps listed above with the list and code added to Script Editor. Please could you kindly advise what went wrong? Thank you very much for your kind help. Charlotte Tang. Seems like a copy paste error? Without these tags, everything looks fine is fine. Many thanks for this elegant solution and setup instructions!

Please Login and comment to get your questions answered! SharePoint Diary. Salaudeen Rajack's SharePoint Experiences! Deployment Guides. SharePoint Online. Here is how we can get SharePoint list based status indicator. Share the knowledge:. Unknown March 5, at AM. Salaudeen Rajack March 5, at PM. Unknown May 29, at PM. Anonymous March 27, at PM. Salaudeen Rajack March 27, at PM. Anonymous May 14, at PM.

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